Broadband Setup & Installation

Broadband Setup and Installation

Have you signed up for Broadband or Fiber? Do you need help setting up and connecting your devices to your wireless Internet?

Not only do we setup new Internet connections, we can also diagnose faults with your current Internet connection, if you are having problems connecting a new device to your wireless Internet (Smart Phone, Wireless Laptop, Tablet or a PC) this is something we can solve for you.

If you are in Retford this service is covered by our fixed fee repair service.  

FAQ – Common Questions

Q. What device can you connect to my wireless Internet?

A. We can connect the following, Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, PC’s, Games Console, Wireless Printers, and NAS Drives

Q. Can you speed up my Internet?

A. Most of the time we can speed up your Internet, but sometimes slow speeds is down to your location and how far you are from the exchange.

Securing Your Wireless Internet Connection

Detect Unsecured Wireless NetworkLeaving your wireless network unsecured, will allow others to connect and use your wireless Internet free of charge. An unsecured wireless network allows someone with the knowledge to intercept your data. This will make on-line banking and any sort of on-line purchasing very risky.

If you are not sure if your wireless network is secure, then take a look at the image to the right, the image points out how to detect an unsecured network. Securing a wireless network is not as easy as detecting one. We would suggest booking an engineer to secure your wireless network and connect all your devices to your newly secured network.

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