Data backup is so important, being called out to a customer’s house or business premises and asked to recover data is something we provide but it is not always successful.The average home user will have thousands of photos they do not want to lose, as well as other data that is just as important. We are a Retford based PC and Laptop repair service, so if you have any further problems with backing up your data or any other type of repair we are happy to help.We can back up the following data.

  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Email Settings
  • Email Messages

We can fully automate the backup process, so no forgetting to run the backup. Also if you don't have anything to backup to we can provide an external hard drive.

How to Get Started

  1. Call us on 01777 869 637 and book an engineer to come and visit you.
  2. The engineer will take a look at the data you have on your PC or Laptop and offer a couple of options.
  3. Once you have decide how you want your data storing i.e. Hard Drive, Flash Drive, DVD.
  4. The engineer will setup the backup and run the first one for you.
  5. Once the engineer has completed the first backup, he/she will show you how to access the data.

FAQ's - Common Questions

Q. If I have already lost my data can you retrieve it for me?

A. Yes we provide a data recovery service and will try and recover as much data as possible.

Q. I don’t have anywhere to back up my data, can you provide something and what will the cost be.

A. To setup the backup and run the first one for you will cost £35, if you require a backup device we have options starting from £15 depending on how much space you require.

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