Losing photos can be a massive blow, even more so when they are photos of people who are no longer with us.

We can recover much more than photos, take a look at the list below.

  • Documents (Excel, Word, PDF, or any other common office package)
  • Pictures
  • Music(Including iTunes Libary, Media Player Libary)
  • Videos
  • Email Messages
  • Email settings

How it Works

  1. Call to book an engineer on 01777 869 637.
  2. In Most cases the engineer will collect the device you want the recovery performed on (PC, Laptop, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, DVD, CD) and take it back to the office.
  3. Once the recovery process is complete, we will transfer any recovered data to DVD or External Hard Drive.
  4. We wil arrange a time to drop off the recovered data and explain what we managed to recover.

FAQ's Common Questions

Q. What are the chances of my data being recovered?

A. It all depends on the state of the device were the data is stored and also the time that has gone by since the data lose happened. If your PC or Laptop hard drive is failing continuous use will make the hard drive deteriorate faster.

Q. How long will the data recovery take?

A. No more than 1-2 working days.

Q. Once you have recovered data can I use the device again for storage?

A. The engineer will test the device, he/she may advise against using it to store data.

Q. If the device is my PC or Laptop can I use it after the recovery process?

A. If the data was deleted then yes, if the data has been lost due to a failing hard drive the drive may need replacing?

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