A common repair we get is an overheating laptop. Customers complain that the palmrest and base are very hot, the laptops performance is effected and the fan gets really noisy.

An overheating laptop needs to be dealt with, if it isn’t resolved the laptops processor (CPU) and or Graphics card (GPU) can be damaged.
If the temperature was to reach a certain level, then the laptops plastics could become damaged or worse catch fire.

How to get started

  1. Call us on 01777 869 637 and book an engineer to come and collect your laptop.
  2. Once the repair has been completed and the engineer is satisfied with the repair he/she will give you a call to arrange the drop off of your laptop, and show that it's working as expected.

FAQ – Common Questions

Q. Will you need to take my laptop away?

A. Yes, we will take your laptop to complete the repair.

Q. Will I lose data?

A. No you will not lose any of your data.

Q. How long will the repair take?

A. The repair will take about a day, once the repair has been completed we will test the laptop for a minimum of two hours to verify that fault has been resolved.

Blocked fan or heatsink, badly applied heatsink paste or fan failure are the most common reasons of overheating on a laptop.

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