Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal

We do things differently when it comes to removing viruses, other virus removal services will reinstall Windows deleting the virus but also deleting your data and settings, we only reinstall Windows as a last resort

Our engineers will look for the latest removal instructions and test the latest virus removal tools, if removing the virus fails we will reinstall Windows, before we do this you will be contacted by an engineer and have a chat about the data you want to keep.

Take a look at the common questions other customers have asked if  you cant find the information you are looking for you can call and speak to an engineer.

FAQ - Common Questions

Q. If Windows has to be reinstalled, what data can be backed up?

A. Obviously this question gets asked a lot, we can back up, Pictures, Music, Documents, Videos, Favourites, Contacts, Email Message and settings.

Q. Will I have to reinstall my printer and other devices?

A. Just tell the engineer what you want installing and he/she will be happy to help.

Q. Once the Virus has been removed am I safe to use my online banking?

A. Yes if the engineer thought the PC/Laptop was not safe to use it would not of been returned to you.

Q.What if the virus returns?

A. All out work is covered by a 14 day piece of mind guarantee, if the virus returns call us and we will send an engineer out to take a look.

What to look out for

Signs of Virus activity are, Slow running PC or Laptop, Strange popups you have not seen before, software offering to remove the virus or speed up you PC / Laptop, Homepage change or default search engine changed.

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