This is a common repair with the super thin screens on the newer laptops. The back lid becomes damaged and will no longer hold the hinge in place, once the screen is closed the hinge snaps at the bottom.

We replaced the back lid and both hinges on this laptop, the screen and screen bezel were in good condition so didn't need replacing.

Total cost for this repair was £92.49.


Customer asked us to take a look at his PC. The PC would power on but nothing would display on the screen.
We tested all the hardware and replaced the failing component, the PC was back the same day and for less that £64.00.

Win 7 Boot Camp on iMac

Customer asked me to install Windows 7 Home Premium 32Bit on her 24" Apple iMac early 2008 model. The customer needs Windows to run Sage accounts.

I have never performed a Boot Camp install before so I wasn’t sure how well it would run. After the install which was really easy all I had to do was install Boot Camp Support Software and that’s it. The iMac run Windows 7 really well.

So, if you have an Apple iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini and would like to run Windows as well as OS X, get in touch.

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