The customer wanted the PC upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows Vista Home Premium. You can’t upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 10 so we backed u all customer’s data and did a fresh install of Windows 10 Home 64Bit.
Updates and customer’s programs were installed we then copied their data back over.
This is a long repair so if you would like us to upgrade your PC or Laptop to Windows 10 we would have to take it away with us.

Collected a customer’s computer to investigate it shutting down after 10 - 15 minutes. our first thoughts were overheating.

We checked the temperature of the CPU and GPU using SpeedFan and noticed that the GPU was running at over 80C. Removing the side of the PC case revealed the protective film for the graphics card had come loose and lodged itself in the graphics card fan, causing the fan not to spin.


Thermaltake Level 10 GT custom PC with ASUS Sabretooth 990FC R2.0

PC would turn off after about 15 – 20 seconds, the heatsink and fan was not cooling the Processor (CPU) tried replacing the thermal paste and reseating the heatsink and fan.

The heatsink was faulty so we replaced it with a Zalman CNPS 5XUltra Quite PWM Fan.

Fitting the new heatsink and fan has solved the problem. Also the heatsink fan is a lot quieter.

PC Specifications

  • Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Case
  • AMD FX-9370 Socket AM3+ 8 Core
  • 16GB DDR3 DDR3 2400 X2 8GB
  • ASUS Sabretooth FX990 REV2.0
  • AMD Radeon HD 770 X2 Crossfire
  • Corsair RM850 Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The customer dropped the laptop causing damage to the palmrest, laptop base and internal CPU fan.
The base and palmrest was beyond repair and needed replacing, the internal fan was jammed with the lose bits of plastic from the base and palmrest.
Our engineers completely stripped the laptop and swapped all the internal components from the old base and palmrest. total repair time just over an hour.


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