Win 7 Boot Camp on iMac

Click the link below to download the Apple iMac\MacBook Boot Camp Assistant Support Windows 7 32Bit.

I have zipped the installation files you will need to install Boot Camp drivers on your Windows 7 32Bit operating system, these files was used on an iMac early 2008 model.

If you need help setting up Boot Camp on Windows 7 32Bit, then follow the instructions below.

Boot Camp Windows 7 32 Bit Setup Instructions

Step 1. Download the zipped folder named imac_bootcamp_windows7_support_assistant

Step 2. Double click the downloaded file then extract it to the desktop of your Windows 7 installation (Not OSX).

Step 3. Open the extracted folder and double click setup, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4. Restart the iMac/MacBook when asked and wait for the desktop to load.

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